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  • EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Wayne Mok - style, Art & Pharrell

  • Wayne Mok Exclusive Interview on The White List (1)

    We have been so excited to share our exclusive interview with Wayne Mok! Thankfully, Wayne managed to squeeze some time away from the studio to talk to us and tell us all about his love of  art, music and Pharrell ! Today is definitely a great day! Love his work! :-)

    The White List: Thank you for taking the time to speak to us today – we know you must be very busy at the moment? Can you tell us more about what you do?

    Wayne Mok: I am an abstract painter based in London. Originally from Hong Kong, I am a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute and of the California College of Arts. I have been fortunate to be part of numerous exhibitions worldwide including “Burning Bright” in London, curated by Rebecca Wilson, director of Saatchi Gallery. My paintings have also been featured in publications such as Elle Decoration, GQ, House and Gardens, the Sunday Times magazine and on the cover of Viewpoint.

    The White List: With regards to your art, where does your inspiration come from?

    Wayne Mok: My work is inspired by the great artists of the past and present and by the motivation to create objects that reflect a certain truth, harmony or beauty. It endeavours to find order in chaos across series of paintings that progress around a central theme of desire and longing. Desire is such a double-edged sword, at once conjuring up a utopian happiness yet having the potential to deliver only embitterment and disappointment. My work explores this area through intuitive process with the canvas being the site for this exploration.

    The White List: Can you give us an insight into how your working week looks?

    Wayne Mok: I work consistently during the week, spending as much time in the studio as I can. I work on a few paintings at the same time and move from one to another so that I don’t overwork each one. I also need time to do admin tasks such as answering enquiries and packing paintings to be sent to collectors.

    The White List: When did you realise that you wanted to create art?

    Wayne Mok: I have been interested in creating art since I was a child but my parents were resistant to me pursuing a career in the arts. So I completed a degree in Mathematics and Statistics and worked in the financial sector for a few years before going back to college to study painting.

    The White List: If you could pick you favourite piece of art from your own work, what would it be, and why?

    Wayne Mok: I work in short series of paintings and one of the most personal series has to be “Mineshaft”. The title of the series refers to the infamous sex club in New York in the seventies. The series explores the darker side of sexuality and lust- in which an almost Van Gogh-style intensity of blue, black and yellow- colours of denim, leather and urine- are juxtaposed with lyrics from Donna Summer songs on love and yearning.

    The White List: Where can we go to see some of your work?

    Wayne Mok: I am part of a group exhibition at the Dulwich Contemporary Art gallery in London at the moment. Of course you can see my work online at

    The White List: If you could choose another artist to work or collaborate with, whom would this be and why?

    Wayne Mok: I would love to work with Pharrell Williams and Yayoi Kusama on a built environment comprising music, artwork and disco. I really like Williams’ collaboration with Takashi Murakami and Kusama’s “Fireflies on the Water” for their pop and psychedelic effect together with a sense of sincerity and honesty.

    The White List: What have we got to look forward to in the coming months? Can you tell us any exciting news of events or pieces that are due to be released?

    Wayne Mok: I have provided artwork for an installation curated by Ilse Crawford of Studioilse atop
    Vitrahaus in Weil am Rhein near Basel to celebrate the Vitra’s recent acquisition of Artek – a company founded by legendary Finnish designer Alvar Aalto. The exhibition is open all this year.

    Thank you for taking the time to Speak to The White List today! We truly love your work and the pieces are beautiful.

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  • Total Greek Yoghurt and The White List

    So the most exciting thing happened! *drum rolls please* We are going to be on Yoghurt Pots! Yes, you heard that right… :-)

    Over the summer Total Greek Yoghurt is going to feature us on the side of their delicious greek yoghurt in the UK! We were so excited when we found out – as you can imagine!

    One of the coolest things that came out of this was us being able to create our own recipe made with bananas, Granola and hazelnuts! Yum! This recipe has been a favourite of both of ours for years. It’s great for breakfast as its filling, nutritious and tasty – don’t forget quick to make!

    We are still experimenting with new recipes too, so if you have any let us know – we would love to try them out! A family member mentioned using Total Greek Yoghurt with home made Indian curry and fresh mint, we have also thought about how great it would taste with pomegranates as a cooling, refreshing summer snack! *runs off to the store to buy them*

    Watch out for all things Total Greek Yoghurt + The White List over the Summer. In the mean time Total Greek Yoghurt have photographed our recipe which we wanted to share with you all. It’s so cool to think that the picture above is something we made and that Total Greek Yoghurt are wanting to share it with people! That means that other people will eat our *delicious* recipe! Sounds silly probably? But to us, it is awesome!

    As you can imagine, it makes us hungry just looking at it! Next time we have to remember to write our foody posts AFTER food… Not before… Rookie mistake, now the hunger pains have truly kicked in :-)

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