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Taking a byte of my Apple

November 29, 2011
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I love Apple products and there’s no way The White List would be complete without my Apple devices. Gotta kick off the list with my iPhone…

Strangely enough, I wasn’t into the whole iPhone hype until a year after it’s initial launch. This was of course until I actually held the iPhone and gave it a proper test-run. I had my first iPhone within 30 minutes of that first moment.

Next – my MacBook Pro! Story behind it? I’d heard a new Apple store was opening in Covent Garden (Who hadn’t? lol! It was constantly on the news!) and on the opening day I figured I’d pop in to see what the hype was all about. I left the store less than 30 minutes later with a MacBook Pro and an iPod Touch. You can start to see a theme developing here…

iPad. No big story behind this. Same as the iPhone, I never thought I’d want one (after all I already had an iPhone, why get a bigger version of the iPhone) but after using it for a while, I finally decided to get one. Definitely not an impulse purchase.

Apple TV. As soon as I knew what it could do, I wanted one. I’d dismissed the idea until I found myself in the Regent Street Apple store and figured it was high time to give into temptation and get one. 

These ones below, I own but they’re not with me at the moment (or are tucked away somewhere I can’t remember….)

Apple Mouse – Another impulse purchase. I was near an Apple store and figured it made sense to get one. I find it easier to use the trackpad on my Macbook Pro so I rarely use it. 

iPod Touch

AppleCare – Technically not an Apple product but its definitely a purchase I’m glad I made. It’s so nice not to worry about having to do anything if my Macbook Pro ever breaks down. 

Future Shopping List – 
iMac – Definitely not a potential impulse purchase – for starters, I’ve known I want one for weeks now! 🙂
iPhone, MacBook Pro, iPad and Apple TV – Photographed by me

Mouse, iPod Touch, Apple Care, iMaC Photos – Apple

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