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Plastic Fantastic

April 14, 2012
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The other day I bumped into my neighbour in the lifts and saw him wearing these shoes. Straight off I knew they were Vivienne Westwood (pretty easy to figure that one out! lol) but I had honestly never seen the shoes in person till then and they look so amazing! The shininess of the rubber combined with the strong rich colours make these shoes really stand out and I’ve been crazy about them since then. I have seen the women’s high heeled versions loads of times before in different stores before but not seen the men’s anywhere.  Random fact – the women’s shoes are bubble gum scented! Disclaimer – I was told this by a store attendant! I did smell a (NEW) boxed pair and they do smell like bubble gum! Anyway here are the shoes in a lot more detail  – and a few other colours and styles…

In Black

In Purple

In Red

In White


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