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Interviewing Exofab CFO and co-founder, George Boosalis

January 19, 2014
Interviewing Exofab CFO and co-founder, George Boosalis on The White List Blog (6)
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Interviewing Exofab CFO and co-founder, George Boosalis on The White List Blog (1)

Today, we had the amazing experience to speak with George Boosalis, the founder of Exofab – a really cool concept company that makes some pretty nifty cases for your digital products! As you know, we love all things tech based so it was great to interview others who make some awesome products! See our interview below: 

  1. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us today! We are really excited to share your story about Exofab can you tell us more about the company?Exofab™ started innovating the smart gel technology about three years ago. We released the product in the US three months ago. Our first product line was for the iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4s and the Samsung Galaxy s4 and s5. Since we started selling four months ago we have reached 50,000 units.
  2. How is Exofab different from other iPhone cases? Exofab™ is the first hands free selfie case and it is the first case that makes it easy to interchange fun colours. It is also much slimmer and sleeker than most cases currently on the market, and doesn’t added bulk to your phone. The self-healing gel protects your phone from drops bumps and scratches as well as sticking to non-porous surfaces such as glass and mirrors. It is also the first case to come with a self-timer app for selfies.
  3. How and why was Exofab set up?  The founder of exofab™ owns many Vodafone stores throughout Greece, and he found that many customers would not buy cases for their phones because of the bulk that they added. One of the main reasons people buy smartphones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is the slim look and feel of the phone. Unlike other cases, exofab™ keeps the phone as slim and sleek as possible.
  4. Where did inspiration for the range designs (for cases) come from? We have multiple colours that are interchanged seasonally to keep up with the fashion trends and colours of the season.
  5. What is it like being part of Exofab? Are there challenges?  I love the way the company rapidly continues to move forward. Our biggest challenge is to continue to keep our customer excited and satisfied through continued innovation in technology and style. We are always working on new and innovative products for cell phone accessories, including chargers and hands-free ear pieces.
  6. What has been the biggest hurdle Exofab have experienced so far? Our biggest hurdle so far has been the time it takes to get publicity for our product through influential celebrities and bloggers to help get the word out to our customers. We have begun to make positive momentum in this area, and are excited about the responses we have seen so far on that front.
  7. Can you tell us more about the name Exofab, why is this name significantExo comes from the latin and greek root meaning external or outside, and fab comes from the word fabulous. We put them together to mean a fabulous or fantastic case or external piece for your phone, which is what we hope to offer customer
  8. Where can we buy your range and read more about Exofab? Currently, exofab™ is sold online at our website as well as at Amazon in many different countries. We constantly do updates for new products and contests on our social media. We are also in stores throughout the US and Europe, and are working on partnerships with national retailers in the US to sell our cases.

Interviewing Exofab CFO and co-founder, George Boosalis on The White List Blog (2)

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