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11 Ways to Master Photography

June 26, 2014
Polaroid gif retro photo gif on The White List
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Singapore Asian Storm Photography on The White ListWe often get questions about our photography and we wanted to share with you how we take our pictures and what advice has ultimately helped us the most.

Okay, so we started our expedition into photography with a flimsy old disposable camera (remember those)! But fast forward a decade and you will notice how much photography (both the software and hardware) has changed. It has taken us a long while to get to grips with using the right lens, settings and even camera – and we are definitely not the best, but we love it. The one great thing about photography is that you can only ever improve!

We wanted to share some of our tips that we have developed while taking pictures for The White List. There are probably many more points, but we felt these to be the biggest that helped us!

1 – Buy your self a good quality camera (that doesn’t mean expensive!)
The body itself doesn’t need to cost the Earth! Even the best, professional photographers will tell you that. You can pick up a great DSLR body for as little as £200 now.

2 – Invest in a lens you want!
Photos will never be what you want until you know the type of lens you need. Wide-angle, Macro… Even an Ollo-clip lens for your iPhone!

3 Your smart phone takes great pictures!
Don’t forget that your iPhone or Samsung can take truly awesome pictures, making the most of the HDR setting to merge three great pics into one truly awesome pic! On the iPhone, this is done automatically.. No hard work.. no fuss!

4 If at first you don’t succeed…Try and try again!
One great thing about digital photography is that you can snap away to your hearts content… Don’t take just one picture at shows – take 50! Then when you are home, have a look on your Mac or PC as to which you like best.

5 Learn ISO setting and F Values
There can be lots of trial and error here, but once you have it sorted – you will be the king or queen of night/day/hazy/photography

6 Software is your friend
Free software like Picasa, by Google and Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are prefect ways to produce high quality pictures by changing some of the filters/colours and specifications of the pic itself.

7 Shoot in RAW
For the serious photographer, RAW is a much larger file sometimes 10 times the size of a regular photo, but allows a much better space to edit your pictures

8 LED lighting
A flash LED light, or even using your iPhone as a torch can provide much needed lighting to bring out features in your photography

9 Be patient
Do worry if you don’t get it right the first time – everyone learns and starts from the basics… and yes.. it does take some time, but we promise – YOU WILL GET THERE!

10 Storing your camera is important!
Don’t forget, if you have a DSLR, always buy yourself a durable, good quality bag. Manfrotto have some truly awesome and well priced over arm and rucksacks – built specifically for DSLRs. The Manfrotto bag, with our favourite being the Active Backpack will protect your DSLR from all those bumps, scrapes, impacts and water (with the included bag cover) that always seem to happen when getting that great shot!

Manfrotto Advanced Bags – Active Backpack II – MB MA BP A2 from Manfrotto on Vimeo.

11 Have faith and enjoy photography!
Take time to find subjects that you want to photograph, your best pictures will always come from things you enjoy! If you like your photography, that should be all that matters… Photography is an art and thus very subjective… Go with your instincts on what looks good, what colours you like in the pictures etc.

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