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June 18, 2014
Art Design gif on The White List
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Impactology iPhone Case on The White List (1)

So a while back, I had the opportunity to speak to some of the team behind Impactology by Tech21. I have to say, they have the coolest products ever! Maybe I’m “TECH-ing” out, but wow! They are amazing!

Tech21 make a range of protective Impactology and Impact Shield products that help to prevent that dreaded moment when you drop your phone to find it all cracked…

Impactology is really cool.. It mainly consists of this amazing orange putty like structure that has scientifically proven to absorb shock (that still doesn’t mean you should try and drop your phone, hahaha). Their is also a secret weapon behind Impact Shield (in their films for phones), it’s a multi-layer structure with BulletShield™ which features world’s leading chemical company BASF’s protection interlayer – used in military grade bullet proof glass, airplane cockpits and a key ingredient for impact absorption!!! Impact Shield reduces the risk of damage by absorbing the impact and spreading the potential force over a greater area.

Tech21 are true innovators in a field of generic plastic casing. We love supporting really great ideas, concepts and Tech21 have truly led the way to bring a great product to the market. Take a look at their range of products right here.

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