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Le Legionaire: What Does It Takes to Build a Fashion Brand?

July 7, 2014
Le Legionnaire Fashion Brand Clothing on The White List Interview (10)
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Le Legionnaire Fashion Brand Clothing on The White List Interview (3)We love being able to find new and exciting ventures in men’s fashion; but what we love more is finding brands and their founders that are committed to keeping their dream, substance and creativity alive! Fortunately, we stumbled across one such brand. Le Legionnaire. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to interview Le Legionnaire on how it was founded. Take a look at our exclusive interview below.

1) Thank you for taking the time to speak to us today! We are really excited to share your story about Le Legionnaire can you tell us more about the company?

With more than 30+ years in the industry, one could say that it was inevitable for the both of us, not to establish our fashion brand. Obviously it is also a matter of having the desire to design and create a garment that expresses ones idea about a high quality garment within graphical design, fabrics and the hole assembling process. Not to forget our growing need to show the industry, that not everything has to be mass produced somewhere in the Far East in order to build a healthy business. Therefore the goal has always been to manufacture as locally as possible, which means that all garments from us are made within Europe including Denmark, despite what the majority within the industry believes is the key to success.

2) Why was it important to set up Le Legionnaire?

We simply felt the market needed a continuous brand such as ours. The end consumer is our main focus in the hole process, and basically we feel they deserve access to an original design approach, with the focus on high quality fabrics. But most importantly we feel the consumer has become more aware about sustainability. They simply care about themselves and their surroundings more now than ever. Hopefully they will become loyal to us, and who knows, maybe LE LEGIONNAIRE could be a part of a positive and humane development within the industry.

3) How and why did you decide to set up your own company?

The company was registered in January 2014 as LE LEGIONNAIRE Aps, and technically speaking the company is a family owned business between husband (Rasmus Andersen) and wife (Mette Andersen). We work out from our humble surrounding in the basement of our house, which we obviously have tried to make as inspiring as possible. Not easy to keep is this way with three kids in the house also, but we manage for now and actually we feel that this has also made it easier for us to work the extra hours when needed.Le Legionnaire Fashion Brand Clothing on The White List Interview (2)

4) Where did you get inspiration from for your range of clothing?

A lot of street feel around the globe. To some extend it Is very cross cultural and perhaps often gathered from the bigger cities where individual styling is important.

5) You mention that your range is sustainable, why is it important for Le Legionnaire to be sustainable?

It’s the future in our mind. We simply all have to start caring more, which gladly also seems to be the case. It’s not only about what you eat, but most definitely also about what you wear and how this is being processed from idea to final product. As a result to this, we have chosen to apply various ways to ensure ourselves as being a sustainable brand which also means a lot in terms of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Example. We have chosen to work with sewing facilities that are members of the non profit organisation Fair Wear Foundation. We spend a lot of time finding lefterover farics that has either been forgotten by others, or simply been left for combustion. Finally we are also very focused on the working with organic cotton.

6) What is it like to run your own fashion brand? Are there challenges? Do you find it a total breeze?

It is far from easy. In fact, we believe a lot of people out there would agree upon us being complete idiots, when trying to enter a market with so much competition. Being a sustainable brand is obviously also a bit of a challenge, but as time goes and more like us gets out there, it slowly becomes easier. But despite the challenges, it is always great fun to run a business such as ours. It is really worth the effort at all times.

7) What has been the biggest hurdle you have experienced so far?

Getting enough financing. Developing and establishing a fashion brand while having three small kids. Not easy.! 🙂

8) Can you tell us more about the name Le-Legionnaire, why is this name significant?

I believe we can all agree upon, that Legionnaire’s are from a special breed, who do what they do best. They never quit, they live for the person next to them and are very aware about why they are there at all times. It is our understanding, that the most essential thing of being a Legionnaire is community within the group. We also believe we are from a special breed so to speak. We never quit, we work very hard to accomplice this small adventure of ours. And at the end of the day we hope to gain a community within a group of people, who like us, live for the person next to us.

9) What advice would you give fellow designers about taking the plunge to set up their own fashion brand?

Follow your heart in every decision. Never quit! Perhaps settle with two kids in the process. 🙂 For as long as it is possible, say no to investors.!

10) Where can we buy your range and read more about your story and Le Legionnaire? or please feel free to contact us on

Le Legionnaire Fashion Brand Clothing on The White List Interview (1)        Le Legionnaire Fashion Brand Clothing on The White List Interview (9) Le Legionnaire Fashion Brand Clothing on The White List Interview (4)

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