The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Man Bag!

July 9, 2014
Fashionable Bags for Men Fashion on The White List
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Fashionable Bags for Men Fashion on The White List

We’ve all been there… heading off to study, work, the shops and we have filled our favourite bag too full… your shoulders are aching, you back is begging you to stop walking, and all you can think is “why did I even use this bag?!?”

Does this sound familiar? Well, fear not… below we have a few little bag tips and delights that can endeavour to solve all your future back problems in one fast swoop!


These are undoubtedly one of the most versatile of bags for men. Previously, mens rucksacks have been seen as those boring things that your Dad wears when you go for a picnic or to the beach, emblazed with technology and meteorologically defying names that make them withstand the harshest of lifestyles. Well, gone are the days of this! Rucksacks are having a kind of renaissance right now, from boldly designed rucksacks by artists to metallic rucksacks that shine out in a crowd – rucksacks are back! Top tip: Rucksacks are best for those moments when you are carrying heavy duty items… a big ‘ole laptop… clunky shoes or trainers.. bricks! 🙂 Rucksacks are best for heavy and bulky!


Satchels have had a long history of helping students and pupils from carrying the heavy books, pens and pencils and geometry sets around a multitude of classes… But as technology progresses, satchels have come to have a new lease of life! In the form of mobile computing and iPads. Satchels are great for heading out with relatively “thin” or “narrow” objects that don’t weigh too much! This may seem obvious, but I be you have all tried fitting in something too big for a satchel! Take a look at a good quality leather satchel, one that will last you for many years and that can be cared for and treated to ensure a long and prosperous life with you… wether that is for your geometry set or your iPad! Top Tip: Shop around for good quality leather… think thick but soft, with good and strong stitching!

Cotton & Jute bags

Jute bags are huge right now! Everywhere you look in London you see people carrying their daily needs around in the beauties! Usually Eco-friendly, these bags are great for unexpected items… The great thing about these is their light and durable nature, they can also be kept in your pocket and whipped out in a flash as soon as in need! Top tip: If your walking lots every day.. or have a particular thing that you always carry with you, a jute/cotton back can be handy… even better is to get a waxed cotton bag… it repels any moisture, keeping all those important files and iPhones safe!

Take a look at some of the bags we love… there are definitely some contenders to force a bag change!!!

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