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Sponsored Video: Keep Calm and Carry On… Playing The Sims 4!

December 16, 2014
The Sims 4 Pictures From The White List (3)
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Imagine me, Circa. 2002… growing up… learning all about dail-up internet and of course the joys of The Sims! How I was totally transfixed with that game… I remember rushing home from school so I could continue building my ‘dream’ home for my family… who, for some reason, regularly fell out with the school for always getting the kids there late! Hopefully this isn’t a sign of the future!

I have such fond memories of playing The Sims and creating love stories, houses… and even a whole street filled with the best of friends -Well, we heard so awesomely awesomeness awesome news ever just the other day! No longer do I have to live reminiscing about times gone by playing the Sims…The Sims 4, has finally landed!

The Sims 4 Pictures From The White List (1)

FYI – I have never reminisced about the “joys” of dial-up internet! Lol! but to be able to once again play The Sims 4 is a Christmas gift come early! The thing I totally love about The Sims 4, is the exponential growth in the abilities you now have to control all aspects of the game!

If you want some more info, the ingenious people at The Sims have created a list of the top 10 things you need to about The Sims 4… You can literally explore beyond the area around your home and go on vacations to new areas, you can also build your own fashion wardrobe for your Sim… A fashionista’s dream! I used to love building my home from Scratch, but if thats not your thing, you can grab a house as ‘move in ready’ imagine it like a home already built that you can just drag and drop in your favourite location.

In The Sims 4 Top ten things you need to know, they mention all the cool and quirky new things you can do with your Sim(s)… From; Sims having Character, the believability of their emotions, the smooth running of the software & the ability share and make your Sims home, its castle! I can’t wait to start playing again!

The Sims 4 Pictures From The White List (2)

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