Are SleepPhones the new way to fly in bliss?

February 6, 2015
SleepPhones Make Travelling A Dream (1)
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We were recently asked to review some really nifty little things that actually provide a practical solution to one of my biggest problems in travelling… Noise! While we don’t all have the luxury of individual cabins on a plane (though we would love it) – we do have the luxury to be able to make travelling much more comfortable!

We recently tried out a pair of the uber new SleepPhones that reduce noise and make listening to your favourite album much easier! Made of a soft, cozy, machine-washable polyester fleece and incorporating a set of thin, flat stereo speakers, they are a comfortable alternative to in-ear or on-ear headphones for those awfully long and/or very early flights!  Available in either wireless or using a normal headphone jack…

…SleepPhones really do drown out the noises from around you. You may have seen we just travelled back from Italy, the flight was full and it was a 6am start 🙁  Lloyd popped on the SleepPhones and as if by magic, sorcery or down-right science… I had a much more comfortable sleep! No need to hear the attendant bells and calls for perfumes or snacks, I had a solid flights-sleep!!! 🙂

Our next flight this week is a 5am start, so the SleepPhones will be definitely rocked this weekend too! One tip I would recommend is to use the SleepPhones as an eye-mask too.. Its actually a great way to block out those unsightly strobe lights on the plane! Let’s hope SleepPhones can market wearing them this way too!
SleepPhones Make Travelling A Dream (2)

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