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Sponsored Post: Exercise, Being a Better Version of Me

March 6, 2015
Enjoying Exercise...Being a Better Version of Me
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Since the new year I made the best of intentions of going to the gym at least three times of the week. All went well for the first 3 weeks, but I’m sure you know the inevitable story; One excuse became another and before I knew it, I am in March and no longer in a long-term relationship with the gym! 🙁

I think one of the biggest problems with my exercise has been I haven’t know how to help myself… does that make sense? I understand the pro’s and con’s, the benefits and goals… it all makes sense to me, but I have rarely thought about how my exercise routine makes me a better version of myself.

Reebok recently got in touch about their new campaign and I was really intrigued to understand the ways in which exercise and being better should simply fit into who you are.  I know it seems obvious that “we do things to better ourselves” but sometimes it’s easy to focus too heavily on what rather than why. I’ve come to realise, that going to the gym fulfils the “what” (exercise) but it doesn’t satisfy my “why”. I want to stay fit and healthy to be a better, more confident version of myself and I totally love how Reebok have encompassed this within their new campaign. Guys… Are you sure you didn’t make this message just for me? 🙂

This post has been sponsored by Reebok, but as always, the thoughts and my opinions are always my own… except that time I ate three doughnuts… that was all Krispy Creme’s fault! 😉

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