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Sponsored Post: Drinks Perfect for Summer! Lets Cocktail…

June 17, 2015
Drinks Perfect for Summer! Lets Cocktail... (1)
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Do you have the Friday feeling… That urge to just kickback and enjoy your evening with friends, drink in hand of-course! Well, fear not… the sun-shine is a coming and it’s getting nice and warm in London! One thing I love most about heading out with friends, after everyone finishes work, is how each of us have different tastes… which makes for some exciting/awful drink choices!

For instance, I’m totally in love with really sharp and tangy cocktails (although they can be hard to find) and Yahaya really loves his sweet cocktails… anything that involves; 10 spoons of sugar, syrup and honey! Each time we go out, it always end up with each person trying each others cocktails… And without a doubt there is always one of us that is disappointed! Well, thankfully there is a solution to our cocktail woes…

…No longer do we need to worry or stress about choosing the wrong cocktail.

Drinks Perfect for Summer! Lets Cocktail... (2)


These awesome guys,  who call call themselves the cocktail crashers,  pump up any party and make wild suggestions to produce some awesomely delicious looking cocktails – that will turn your drab Thursday afternoon, end of work drinks, into a fun and exciting – taste bud whirling experience!

The only thing they’re missing is some sort of Batman calling light, whereby they can be beckoned to any dreary looking drink… Guys!!! Please make this happen!

Take a look at the video below it’s definitely one cocktail that I’ll be trying to make over the summer… especially during Wimbledon and on those times when I  prepare a picnic for the park!  Strawberries, Gin, and tonic…. sounds delicious! One thing is for certain, I will no longer be producing the same old “sex on the beach” or “long island iced tea”…

…to all my friends… be prepared for my newly found and discovered fusion cocktails! Drinks Perfect for Summer! Lets Cocktail... (1)

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