Explore The Most Dangerous Town on The Internet!

July 8, 2015
norton Hackerville Documentary
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Yup… It’s as intriguing as it sounds… Norton recently got in touch to let us know about a new documentary that has been produced by acclaimed… and award-wining…director, Sean Dunne. We couldn’t resist hearing more!

Like it or not, every single person that goes on line becomes a target for hackers and cyber-criminals that want to snatch our most personal data, records and accounts for the purpose of making money. It’s likely that you have come across emails, sites or even stumbled upon random malicious software that is trying its very best to take your information – a scary thought! This is why I was so interested in this new and thrilling documentary that sheds light on the most dangerous town and hackers on the net!

Hackerville, as it’s dubbed (or, Râmnicu Vâlcea in reality) has become a prominent and notorious town where cyber attacks and data mining has really taken off! There are many motivational and contextual factors that make people want to become cyber criminals in Hackerville – providing the documentary team with a rich place for uncovering the realities around hacking and cyber-crime!

The team behind the documentary managed to secure some interviews with some of the worlds most infamous (and convicted) hackers that compromised the accounts of NASA, the European Space Agency, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, and the U.K’s Royal Navy. Through these interviews with “Iceman”, “Tinkode”, “Madalin” and “Guccifer” – the documentary team have come to expose the harsh reality and motivation on why these prolific cyber criminals chose this life. It’s a eye-opening watch!

Take a look at documentary trailer below. Its beautifully shot and such an eye-opener into the world of online crime that many of us have become targets of.

Take a look, here:

Norton has sponsored this post –all thoughts and content are my own

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