How I “Rock” My Daily Grooming Routine

August 20, 2015
How I "Rock" My Daily Grooming Routine (5)
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“I woke up like Dis” – said no one ever! (okay, maybe Beyonce did… but no one else)

I’m not a fan of mornings, I struggle to leave my comfortable bed… Yet my day ahead won’t wait for any man! Once my alarm sounds, I usually (in a sloth like fashion) drag myself towards the bathroom… It’s my place to truly pick myself up and prepare myself for the long day ahead. In truth, my my morning routine has, over the years, become set in stone! I have somehow managed to systematically set myself some strict “rules” on what I must do before I leave the house! I’m pretty sure most of us guys are the same… right??? 🙂

My morning routine is one of the most important parts of my day and with National Male Grooming Day upon us, I thought It would be a great idea to share how much I love my bathroom and my morning rituals… after all, the bathroom is truly where most of us start our day!

Take a sneaky look into my morning routine:

730am alarm… (Okay who am I kidding)… At 10am I usually wake up and head straight into my morning rules. First off, its the teeth, they get a good ol’ polish and rub with my electric toothbrush which makes me feel as though a jazz party has exploded in my mouth! Just remember to save water and turn the bathroom taps off between brushing – no one likes a running tap!

How I "Rock" My Daily Grooming Routine (5)

About four minutes later I will trim my beard. I use my Babyliss For Men “wet and dry shaver” that allows me to keep a little of my stubble – or beard, depending on my mood! It has a range of settings and cuts that allow me to even dunk the blades under the bathroom tap, which makes sure I get a precise cut!

How I "Rock" My Daily Grooming Routine (2)

At 1015am I take a really warm shower or bath – this always seems to get me energized! I use a range of bold and good quality Ruffians shampoo and Face-wash that not only smell great, but leave me feeling squeaky clean.

How I "Rock" My Daily Grooming Routine (1)

By 1030am I am almost ready for the day ahead…after a little cologne from my bathroom cupboard I start on styling my hair… now this is where my true craft of time wasting comes in handy! After about 15 minutes of playing, twisting, spiking and combing I tend to give up and just ruffle my hair into some form of “bed-head” mess. No one has yet to call me up on my hairstyling times, so I’m gonna keep rocking my routine for as long as my hair follicles will allow! 🙂

Now let me see if I can find any other styles of hair to try 🙂 Thanks to Mira Showers for making this possible!

How I "Rock" My Daily Grooming Routine (3)
How I "Rock" My Daily Grooming Routine (7)

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