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Breakfast Lunch AND Dinner is served!

September 11, 2015
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There’s something exciting that happened in London last weekend! Grillstock was in town!

What is Grillstock? Well, Grillstock is the ultimate festival for the foodie in you! It’s the unique combination of music, meat and mayhem, which obviously results in oodles of fun with your mates. It’s been held in several locations around the country (this time in London, previously in places like Bristol and Manchester) and so, regardless of where you live in the UK, you’ll probably end up getting a chance to attend at least one.

There’s so much entertainment on offer in Grillstock (there are like over 25 bands playing) and more food than you can shake a stick at… including my favourite of Jack Daniels and steak! Yum! Though why you would want to shake a stick at food instead of eating it is entirely beyond me.

The food bit definitely had me sold as soon as I heard about it… and there’s a hotdog eating competition! I think my first thought were “Errrr, where do I sign up?” Grillstock is happening in Walthamstow in (North-East London) and the best part of it is the partner of choice – Jack Daniels! Whisky, ribs (my meat of choice), music and great company? What more could a guy ask for?

Fancy a live show of what went down at Grillstock? Check out the following photos from some of my fellow Grillstock’ers from the day itself! 🙂


Worlds best burger? #Grillstock 🍔

A photo posted by Liquiproof® 💧 (@liquiproof_official) on

All kinds of delicious things on today! #Grillstock #food #foodbloggers #lbloggers #foodporn A photo posted by Being Little (@being_little) on

#grillstock #funlovincriminals

A photo posted by Nic Lee (@cornerofthepillow) on

Best.burger.EVER! #festival #grillstock #foodporn #burger A photo posted by Vicky Hawes (@xviccix1) on

Jack. A magnet for meat. And cola. #JackDaniels #Whiskey #Meat

A photo posted by Jack Daniel’s UK (@jackdaniels_uk) on

Now you see what I meant about it being fun? I think I may have to make this into an

annual summer staple!

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