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Sponsored Video: Give It To The Moment This Party Season

October 17, 2015
Sponsored Video: Give It To The Moment This Party Season
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Party season is almost upon us! First off, there’s Halloween, where you can dress as scary and or provocative as you want… then there’s Christmas – with all its festive trimmings… and finally, there is New Years Eve – which always goes off with a bang! To make sure your parties go off with a swing it’s important to not forget the main ingredients to bring people together.
Sponsored Video: Give It To The Moment This Party Season


First off, music! As in the worlds on Anchor Man…’it’s provocative, it gets the people going’, so it’s important you get it right. Smirnoff has recently just launched their new #WhatWeBring campaign that literally confirms this point and celebrates how music brings people together. Led by a range of international musicians like Kiesza and Djemba Djemba the campaign showcases the ‘Give It To The Moment’ video that celebrates diversity in all its forms. Take a look at the awesome video below and the lyrical delight that is ‘Give It To The Moment’.

Secondly, friends… make sure to organise your party well in advance, you are not the only person with plans and your mates WILL have other options. Make sure yours is the one that is confirmed (and the best) J Thankfully, there is no need for physical party invitations nowadays – that’s so 1999! Get those Facebook invites out as soon as you physically can get to your computer – leave it too late and you’ll end up partying alone. 😉

Thirdly, drinks & nibbles – the most important part of a celebration has to be some tasty treats for your guests to enjoy. Smirnoff just introduced the newly launched Smirnoff Electric spirits, which come in two intense flavours, berry and mandarin – perfect for a chilled shot. Throughout the night, make sure there are lots of snacks for people to nibble on. We are not talking sausage rolls or pineapple and cheese sticks – think gooey cheese and rich chocolate fondues that will keep everyone full and happy in a rather apt sugar (or cheesy) haze. 🙂

Take part and share your own awesome ideas on what you bring! Use the hashtag #WhatWeBring and see what others think too.

Post Sponsored by Smirnoff Electric

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