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Lobster vs Wagyu, In London!

May 18, 2016
Lobster vs Wagyu, In London! (2)
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Okay, so you might remember that Yahaya and I tried one of the best Wagyu beef we’ve ever tasted a few months back at Benihana in Central London? Filled with the most talented chefs, delicious marbled beef and a shed load of sparkling sake, we left filled to the brim with one of the most DELICIOUS MEALS EVER!

Lobster vs Wagyu, In London! (1)

What we learned whilst enjoying Benihana

In between mammoth mouth fills, we actually got to learn quite a lot about Wagyu beef from the talented chefs at Benihana, which is apparently all about the texture and some finely woven marbling of the beef itself. When cooked, this fat transforms the already tender meat into a melt in the mouth experience that is so moorish and delicious. Rather than me try and remember all the points, I thought it best to let the talent that is Benihana tell you all about Wagyu

Lobster vs Wagyu, In London! (2)

About Wagyu
Known for its quality Wagyu is often presumed to command a very high price however this is now not the case as Benihana present the lunch menu so everyone can celebrate the taste of this fabulous tasting beef. The Benihana teppan style of cooking suits Wagyu perfectly as the marbling benefits from swift cooking at a high heat and the sweet fragrance given off when cooking (due to increased amino acids) can be appreciated by the diners seated around the teppan.

The marbling:
ohhhhhhhh the marbling!!! Well, Wagyu Beef has an unusually large amount of marbling that leads to its yummy taste and tenderness. The beef is also naturally healthier as those science men and women show that the beef from Wagyu cattle contain muchos more Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as more monounsaturated fatty acids (the good fat) than other beef. The percentage of fatty acids affect the texture of food particularly in meats and it is for this reason that Wagyu beef is regarded as the finest, most exclusive beef produced in the world.

… see how could I even have contemplated describing all those cooking terms better than the team at Benihana themselves. Honestly, I can’t wait to go back for some more really soon.. especially as me and my friends are organising our monthly meet up, which is perfect for Benihana as you have your own chef on an intimate cooking table for you and your friends to gorge at your own pace! Yummers!
Lobster vs Wagyu, In London! (3)
We actually just heard some exciting news that Benihana has just launched their new Lobster versus Wagyu Menu… I call this a challenge, not a menu! Ha! 🙂
For under £20 you can order the new Lobster Vs Wagyu lunch menu that includes lobster or Wagyu as well as accompanying miso sou, mounds of salad, a seasonal starter, tempura, sushi galore and yummy croquettes. The menu is available from noon until 3pm at Benihana Piccadilly and Benihana Chelsea making it easy to dine like a king and in total luxury without ever having to break the bank!

Locations and Availability:
Chelsea: 77 King’s Rd, London SW3 4NX
020 7376 7799

Picadilly: 37 Sackville St, London W1S 3EH
020 7494 2525

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