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Poker Face

September 8, 2013

Poker Face from Ladbrokes Poker party on The White List (12)

Right, for some years I have really tried to get a grasp of Poker. In my head, I have this grand idea of being a (hollywood-type) slick poker player that you see in films – bar one crucial point – I hadn’t the faintest clue how to play poker! 🙂

Well finally I had the opportunity to get my poker face on – I didn’t start in the little leagues – I figured I’d actually host a poker party! Ladbrokes Poker recently got in touch and kindly gave me this poker gift set and I just knew it was time to discover my new found poker skill. As you can imagine I jumped at the chance straight away.

When the box from Ladbrokes Poker  arrived I (rather overzealously) ripped away at it to reveal the poker set and some nice extras – A cocktail shaker and accompanying cocktail recipe book, a book of card games (my plan B in case I really sucked at Poker) and some glasses with unbalanced bottoms which makes for some rather interesting and fun drinking! Cue the alcohol!!!

So, drinks in check – cocktail mixers in the fridge and other spirits on the way, I figured it was high time to go get changed and get ready. We actually all dressed up for the poker night and it was such a ball. We had a few cocktails to start us off before the games and I actually thought I took a few photos from the night but it turns out I had my ‘tequila goggles’ on and the photos are a blur of colour and light. Drunk photos are never a good idea. 🙂

By the end of the night (in the early hours of the next day), I had won… at least a few good games in any case! 🙂 (I also lost quite a few games too but we won’t talk about those ones…). I plan to further perfect my new found poker skills (especially the bluffing) even more over the coming weeks and by the time the next poker party swings by, I will be a pro! Might even take my ‘skills’ to Vegas… Stay tuned on that one. 🙂

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Instant Dance Party!!!

August 1, 2013

Bassbuds Portable Speakers and Headphones (3)Wow, its been so nice to get some rain in London… I never thought I would say that, but with all the dead grass in the parks I think the city had become thirsty!!! The thunderstorms we had have been short lived, allowing the sun to once again give us all the opportunity to sneak to the park and have some relaxation time with friends.

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Boom Box!

April 6, 2013

Boom! Shake-shake-shake the room!

Sony Bluetooth Boom Box | The White List (1)

I just found this (what-I-call) a modern take on the Boom Box and immediately it had to be mine. Actually, in retrospect, more people must have felt the same way too as it’s currently sold out on Phone4U – which is (random diversion alert) actually where I got my first internet-enabled phone. Can you imagine what I’d have done if I knew then what the iPhone would be able to do now? 🙂

This Boom Box works off bluetooth with your iPhone… well, actually with any bluetooth enabled phone and is pretty darn awesome! When did accessories become bigger than the phone itself? And in a roundabout way, I really like that!

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Cut and Paste!

January 21, 2013

The idea behind this editorial is pretty obvious form the title. Featuring model Nil Hoppenot  and photography by artist Damien Blottiere in his trademark cut ‘n’ paste style.

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