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Noviembre 15, 2012

La introducción de – Freddy! (The clothes not the guy!)

Baring the motto ‘The Slounge Way’ the Freddy range is produced with quality jersey, focus on cut and comfort and takes influence from classic Varsity style. Freddy Sport Luxe is a collection of everyday essential basics made to the highest standard for when you’re feeling energised or just after something comfortable. Loving the entire look in the picture above – I want every single item!

#RandomFact – Freddy is an Italian brand that is over 36 años – they started off creating rhythm-and-dance footwear and demi-pointe shoes for classic ballet back then and now offers a wide range of clothes.

#RandomFact no 2 – Freddy sponsored the Italian athletes at the Beijing Olympics. 🙂

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YMC – Debe crear

Octubre 29, 2012

Thanks to the end of day light saving for the year, the clocks went forward this weekend and I was quickly reminded that winter is swiftly on it’s way (though I’ve gotta admit – having an extra hour of halloween party time was kind of a bonus). I’m more a summer time person so I wasn’t as keen on the return of the bristling cold and grey days that winter is so synonymous with – es decir, until I saw these pictures from the YMC Otoño Invierno 2012 Lookbook.

I’m loving the styling and the pieces and it kinda reminds me of some of the stuff I love about winter – nice & cosy jumpers, beautiful coats, colourful layering and hats! Must forget the hats!!! 🙂

De todos modos, here are the pictures and if like me, you love summer time and aren’t willing to see it go just yet, hopefully you’ll be able to draw inspiration from this…

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Lacoste Previa Desayuno

Octubre 20, 2012

I got invited the other day by Lacoste to breakfast in Covent Garden’s Icetank Studios and to an exhibition showcasing premium collections from their Autumn Winter 2012 LED and Sportswear lines (as well as a preview of the Spring Summer 2013) with breakfast catered by an on-site chef!

Standing for Lacoste Essential Design, the LED range is elegant, refined and timeless. Combining rich earthy tones and pale pastels with accents of washed brights.

The Sportswear range for Spring / Verano 2013, is dedicated to the laid back atmosphere of California and takes a more relaxed approach. Blended effortless with smart and tailored attributes.

Here are a few photos and a video of the event…

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TK Maxx Otoño Invierno 2012 – Las Tendencias

Septiembre 29, 2012

Finally in the set of three, here are the TK Maxx Otoño Invierno 2012 Trends as promised! The trends kinda explain the last couple of posts (they basically put them in context) and also break down each outfit into it’s individual pieces and prices. I know these last three posts have been a TK Maxx overload but I love a good bargain (I’m pretty sure you do too) and I definitely love to share them!

On with the trends; and to start off, I’m going with the English Heritage Trends!

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