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4月 6, 2013

Boom! Shake-shake-shake the room!

Sony Bluetooth Boom Box | The White List (1)

I just found this (what-I-call) a modern take on the ラジカセ and immediately it had to be mine. 実際に, 振り返ってみると, more people must have felt the same way too as it’s currently sold out on Phone4U – which is (random diversion alert) actually where I got my first internet-enabled phone. Can you imagine what I’d have done if I knew then what the iPhone would be able to do now? 🙂

This Boom Box works off bluetooth with your iPhone… よく, actually with any bluetooth enabled phone and is pretty darn awesome! When did accessories become bigger than the phone itself? And in a roundabout way, I really like that!


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3月 22, 2012
…すぐに私のワードローブへの道を作るために、その必要性 – and for all the wrong reasons.