Dutch Denim

November 30, 2015
Denim in Amsterdam. Dutch, The Netherlands (8)

Ever had that one thing you bought and were so excited about at the time yet for some reason or the other never seem to wear. You go for months forgetting about it until one day, you remember about it and all that excitement comes right back and...
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Discovering London With Helly Hansen

November 18, 2015
Discovering London With Helly Hansen (9)

I love London – that must come as no surprise! It’s my favourite city in the entire world, yes I know I’m biased, but London is such an amazing place, especially with its contrasting seasons that seem to change every day. In one moment you seem...
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Amsterdam In Autumn

November 13, 2015
Amsterdam In Autumn (1)

Autumn is definitely one of the most colourful seasons around. Deep orange hues from the fallen leaves contrasted against the green grass makes for such a stunning visual!

Better yet, it’s not cold enough that you need to hide underneath...
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Hong Kong At Night

November 5, 2015
Hong Kong At Night (5)

Hong Kong is easily one of the most exciting cities we’ve visited. There’s a brilliant hive of activity here that is quite unlike any other city in the world and when the sun goes down and all the city lights come up, as hard as it is to...
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