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Amsterdam In Autumn

November 13, 2015
Amsterdam In Autumn (1)

Autumn is definitely one of the most colourful seasons around. Deep orange hues from the fallen leaves contrasted against the green grass makes for such a stunning visual!

Better yet, it’s not cold enough that you need to hide underneath...
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Styling with Layers

October 12, 2013

House of Fraser autumn winter menswear style 2013 on The White List (3)

Just came across some winter style inspiration from House of Fraser and thought I’d share this with you 🙂

I’m loving the layering in all these outfits, I really love a mix of texture and structure this season – not only because its nice and toasty, but because it looks great! I really like the first two pictures but on the last one, I’d swap the shirt for a light blue shirt. One of the ones below would suffice –


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Bundy & Webster Collaboration

September 23, 2013

Bundy & Webster Check Me Out Collaboration on The White List (4) In my ongoing effort to accumulate a Narnia sized, cavern-esque  winter wardrobe of clothes, I came across this fun collaboration. Bundy & Webster have teamed up with the rather cool ‘Check Me Out’ to produce some fetching pieces! As you all know I have a deep rooted love of everything London and I particularly love a good collaboration! Whats great about this collaboration is that all the imagery and designs are rooted in particular boroughs of London… What a great idea!

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Trine Lindegaard – The Happiness Collection

May 3, 2013

Trine Lindegaard - The Happiness Collection - Autumn Winter 2013 (7)


Trine Lindegaard’s happiness collection brings together needlework from UK-based prisoners and traditional textile crafts of West Africa known as Kente.

Embellishment has been hand embroidered by prisoners. Trained in the fine skills of needlework the prisoners generally work on traditional British embroidery on soft furnishings. Trine Lindegaard worked to create something the prisoners could relate to.

Lindegaard drew inspiration from a painting prisoner ziga was asked to create on the subject of happiness, an amazing imaginative image for someone who rarely sees the outside world – both naive and surreal.

The A/W13 embroidery will be produced within UK based prisons in collaboration with Fine Cell Work – a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled and creative needlework. The goal being to foster hope, discipline and self esteem with a view to connect prisoners to society so they leave prison with the confidence and financial means to stop offending.

Fine Cell Work is done in 29 prisons with 420 prisoners. 75% of the stitchers are men. Trine Lindegaard supports Fine Cell Work and the individual prisoner economically.

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