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一月 3, 2014
Alexander McQueen Metallic Wallet (6)

我一直在尋找了一段新的錢包現在. 我有 這個錢包 超過 5 多年… 哇! 直到我打,我不知道它已經這麼久,因為我得到了一個新的錢包. 我沒有得到

時尚, 未分類


九月 22, 2012

This week’s Lust List is inspired by two very British institutions. See if you can figure out which they are… 🙂

突然出現在哈羅茲我今天晚上回家的路, 沒有真正尋找特定的東西 (雖然我確實有這種瑣碎的微弱的聲音在我的腦海裡提醒我, “Winter’s coming”). As I drifted through the halls, I came across this amazing coat!


(*Damn you little niggling voice – you got me – 再次!:-) *). The coat is McQ Alexander McQueen and it is the awesome-est of all awesome pea coats. Invigorated by this find, I had a look at other items and by the time I left the store – I just knew I had to put together this Lust List! If only Harrods was my closet…

Other items I found included this Leather Bomber Jacket and this X Ray T-shirt … (pictures below)